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tis late, since my bday was last week.

maybe someone will take pity on me. ;)

Rating: NC-17 (me likey the smut, lol)
Genre: um. hmmm. kinda in the mood for silly/cute fic, actually. the angst is overrunning my flist. (not that i dont love it)
Squicks: officially have none.
Pairing: dom/anyone. i'll even take het. as long as it's dom. particilar faves are dom/billy and dom/orlando, though.
Kinks (if any): mild bdsm, ice, biting/nibbling, oral in general.
Any other plot details that must be in it: i'd really like something taking place on a hot day. no AC available. maybe the beach? with ice cubes featuring prominently... *waggles eyebrows*

as an alternative:
I also recently had a strange shania twain plot bunny visit me. i thik it was lost. mentioned something about hobbit kareoke night, and billy singing "man i feel like a woman", with the scottish accent... i dunno if anyone would want to attempt to tackle that one, though. it's very much with the crack. o.0
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