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Birthday Fic Request Line
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Below are the 12 most recent journal entries recorded in Bdayrequestline's LiveJournal:

Monday, July 19th, 2004
11:15 pm

I forgot about this community.

Well, much notice here, it's my birthday tomorrow.

So, if people want cookies and cake, which I'm happy to share, can someone/someones write me some birthday fics? It'll make me happy!! *insert cute smile here*

pretty much any pairing (though who doesn't love a good monaboyd or viggorli?)
ratings of R and above are my friend.
No squicks apart from mpreg, really...

someone? Anyone?

*puppy eyes for someone to give me something I want for my 20th birthday*
Saturday, June 12th, 2004
9:42 am
canciona's b-day fic
happy birthday to darling canciona. her present can be found here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/monaboyd/736589.html#cutid1 it's nc-17 monaboyd, no squicks. your basic smut.

hope she, and everyone else. enjoys it. the request line rocks my socks. :P

Current Mood: tired
Friday, June 4th, 2004
5:30 pm
Hey all, my birthday's July 7th and I'd love to get some fic! (well duh, if I'm posting here.)

Rating: PG to light R
Genre: Anything but angst... first time is super, humour is great too
Squicks: Character death, mpreg, not involving love with sex, involving food with sex, involving girls with sex, and Domlijah is worse than all these put together
Fandom: LOTRiPS
Pairing: Monaboyd, or MonaboydViggo if you feel like getting crazy.
Stuff: Dominant!Bill, singing!Dom, drunk!Dom, something to do with Billy's hands, the word "murmur", sunlight, first kisses
Any other plot details: Nope, I'm not very picky. Don't think those things up there are THOU SHALT INCLUDE; they're just things I like. If you write me any fic at all, I'll be thrilled!

Current Mood: hopeful
Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
8:34 pm
My Birthday 13 July
Well I love a good ficcy Birthday so here is my request:

Rating: Any I am easily pleased
Genre: First Time (especially first kiss)
Squicks: I have none
Fandom: Lotr RPS
Pairing: (tinkilts forever) BB/DM
Kinks: BDSM-noncon-bloodplay-biting (sick puppy aren't I)
Other details: Must have something to do with the hot bonnet of a 57 Chevy. (One of my fantasies)

Will give mega cookies to receive this for my BIRTHDAY.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
9:28 pm
I am so happy this community was created. Some nice sex0ring is exactly what I need for my birthday. Bwah.

I shall be a year older on June 20th.

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
Genre: Anything, really.
Squicks: Character death, mpreg, people splooging in Kraft Dinner and then eating it.
Fandom: LotR RPS
Pairing: Monaboyd, or Viggo/Dom.
Kinks: Mild bondage, orally-type things.
Any other plot details that must be in it: Nothing that -must- be in it, I'm quite content. However, I melt for many cliches, like public-bathroom!shags, first time "I'm not gay but omg *fucks*" fics, etc. Knock yourselves out, I honestly would be happy with pretty much anything.

*squees and waits for birthday*

Edit: I forgot my largest kinks, argh. More kinks:

dominant!Billy and angry shagging.
3:30 pm
Rating: PG to R
Genre: Angst, Comedy, Romance. Maybe a combination of all.
Squicks: Oral stuff. I don't know why.
Fandom: LOTRips OR Peter Pan
Pairing: Monaboyd or .... Any PP pairing
Kinks: None specified
Any other plot details that must be in it: Honestly, go crazy.

Thanks bunches! :D
11:57 am
What lovely timing for this marvelous community...
...since my birthday is June 12th!

Rating: NC-17, if you please
Genre: PWP, with or without angst (or alternately, w/wo humor)
Squicks: character!death, non-con sex, romantic or sexual inclusion of EW (sorry), or use of EW in a romantic or sexual triangle
Fandom: Lotrips
Pairing: Monaboyd
Kinks:(if any) am a sucker for first times, club!fics and phonesex (or other talky sex), and possibly light bdsm, but none are necessary
Any other plot details that must be in it: at least a hint of romantic emotional attachment between the two (i.e., not solely sex, although tis still a beautiful thing), and a relatively happy ending.

Am more than willing to return the favor! Great idea for a community...

Is it my birthday yet??? ;D

Current Mood: excited
11:01 am
hi everyone!!! my 16th birthday is coming up at the end of the summer, August 18th to be exact, and i would LOVE a fic :) :)

Rating:R - NC-17
Genre: meh, pretty much anything romantic, angsty, whatever
Pairing:Viggorli or Dom/Orli
I really dont have any strict guidelines, just write whatever u wanna write. Oh, But um... I'd like to be involved somehow.
2:46 am
Well I'll give you almost a month
Hi I'm Cindy, and my birthday is June 29th.
I would like Monaboyd, NC17 of course, Angsty is good. I'm open to anything, but gore, other wise. Thanks!!
3:07 am
tis late, since my bday was last week.
maybe someone will take pity on me. ;)

Rating: NC-17 (me likey the smut, lol)
Genre: um. hmmm. kinda in the mood for silly/cute fic, actually. the angst is overrunning my flist. (not that i dont love it)
Squicks: officially have none.
Pairing: dom/anyone. i'll even take het. as long as it's dom. particilar faves are dom/billy and dom/orlando, though.
Kinks (if any): mild bdsm, ice, biting/nibbling, oral in general.
Any other plot details that must be in it: i'd really like something taking place on a hot day. no AC available. maybe the beach? with ice cubes featuring prominently... *waggles eyebrows*

as an alternative:
I also recently had a strange shania twain plot bunny visit me. i thik it was lost. mentioned something about hobbit kareoke night, and billy singing "man i feel like a woman", with the scottish accent... i dunno if anyone would want to attempt to tackle that one, though. it's very much with the crack. o.0

Current Mood: bouncy
1:32 am
Okay I feel really retarded being the first person to do this, especially because I don't know alot of yall all that well, but my birthday is in 2 days, so I figured I should get cracking on it. I'm easy though. (No comments on that please)

Rating: NC-17 (of course)
Genre: eh doesn't matter (I told you, I'm easy). Preferably no angst though. I've had enough of that. Make it schmoopy. Yes schmoopy will do. And not first time (always too much angst in that as well). Like already in relationship kind. Okay maybe I am a bit picky.
Squicks: don't really have any
Pairing: Domlijah
Kinks:(if any) Crap. This doesn't really matter either. It's just that there has been hardly any good Domlijah out there lately and that's what I want for my birthday. Just a happy, smutty, cuddly, piece will do me just fine!
Any other plot details that must be in it: Nope.

So yeah, have at it. Hopefully it's broad enough that someone will be able to do it. I know yall are a bunch of Monaboyders, but I need some good Domlijah. Thank you.

Current Mood: tired
Monday, May 31st, 2004
10:57 pm
Template for requests
When requesting fiction, please follow the follow template as needed:

Kinks:(if any)
Any other plot details that must be in it:

I think that's about all. Get to posting! The layout and header will be up in a few days. :)

Current Mood: accomplished
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