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What lovely timing for this marvelous community...

...since my birthday is June 12th!

Rating: NC-17, if you please
Genre: PWP, with or without angst (or alternately, w/wo humor)
Squicks: character!death, non-con sex, romantic or sexual inclusion of EW (sorry), or use of EW in a romantic or sexual triangle
Fandom: Lotrips
Pairing: Monaboyd
Kinks:(if any) am a sucker for first times, club!fics and phonesex (or other talky sex), and possibly light bdsm, but none are necessary
Any other plot details that must be in it: at least a hint of romantic emotional attachment between the two (i.e., not solely sex, although tis still a beautiful thing), and a relatively happy ending.

Am more than willing to return the favor! Great idea for a community...

Is it my birthday yet??? ;D
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i've got ya covered, honeybunny. happy birthday. :P